Posted by: veronica | April 8, 2012


Yesterday’s run was non existent. My body was extremely sore from a BodyPump class that I take at my local gym. This morning however, I was up at 545 am ready to take to the streets with my running shoes. It didn’t go as planned. It was beautiful though…

the moon was still out

I ran about a total of 1 mile, my shins started acting up again. The total mileage was about 3 miles, but I walked the 2 in looked something like this..

run for .5 miles at an 11:00 min pace

stop at the bathroom, realize my shin hurts. Stretch a bit to hopefully ward off the pain

walk for 2 miles at an 16:00 min pace

run for the last .5 miles at an 10:30 pace.

I don’t want this evil shin pain to return! I’ve stretched, foam rolled, and used “the stick”..Maybe I just need to do it more than I already do to combat it…

What do you do to combat your running injuries? What works the best for you??

After my run fail attempt, I had a pretty busy morning ahead of me. Soccer practice for the little one and then an “egggstravaganza” for the little one.. Here’s some pictures from the day.. See you soon! Tonight I’m starting day 1 of my Jillian Michaels 30 day shred! 🙂 I heard its brutal

She loves that bouncy house


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