Posted by: veronica | April 5, 2012

Hello world!

Thanks for stopping by!!!

I’ve blogged at a couple other sites, that I have since taken down, but I need blogging in my life. Blogging helps me stay accountable, heck, just reading other runner’s blogs helps me stay accountable, so actually writing a blog will make me be EXTRA accountable..I’ll need it. 🙂

I started running in January 2012, I’ve trained hard with the help of the San Diego Track Club, not knowing too much about running I slammed head first into an injury, it put me off running for two weeks. So…

It’s time to get back on the training again. With my now half marathon less than two months away, I can’t help but think of my next step after my stint with the San Diego Track Club ends. I want to join another running group, perhaps one that is closer to north county. Even though the San Diego Track Club has a North County division, it is still really based out of Downtown San Diego.

I am considering In Motion Fit, I would do this one for the whole year. July 2012-July 2013, their fee is $170 for the whole year. I would get similar to what I get now with SDTC, I would get a mentor, a training plan, a group long runs, and weekly seminars…the other option is Team in Training, they are graciously offering FREE sign ups right now, but you need to raise $3200 for them. It definitely goes to a GREAT cause to benefit leukemia and lymphoma, it’s just that raising that much money can be daunting. They have all the coaching and stuff too and as a huge plus, they would give me a guaranteed entry into the NWM (Nike Women’s Marathon) in San Francisco in October.. right now, no can get a guaranteed entry into that race, since it sells out every year, they only do a drawing now to make sure that it is fair entry for everyone.

I’m still weighing my options, but I definitely know I want to join another group after June, when the one I am currently in, ends. I love being part of a group, having people to endure those long runs with makes it so much more enjoyable.

Has anyone participated in either of these programs? And if you have, any thoughts?


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